Saturday, June 11, 2011

Agents of Status Quo

Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons 

Agents of Status Quo

There’s a road
A leader’s name bestowed
In front of my home
Where the agents roam
But I am afraid
The road was never made

It got stolen along the way

A phantom road to the hospital
Where a young man died
And a father’s eyes dried
As the ambulance got stopped
The journey had to be chopped
For the agent’s fleet passed
To reach somewhere fast

It was a press meeting
Flashbulbs and easy eating
A man rose to fling a shoe
His son died before he grew
And before hitting the agent of status quo

He looked up to the skies
When will you leave this nation and go?

That man was dragged to jail
That same day by the same police detail
That protected agents who had stolen
Lives and amounts that’ll leave fingers swollen

If someone tried to count

For sixty three years they roamed free
Owning nothing, spelt benami
And whatever they really own
Sucked dry to the bone
In banks so far and so strong
Protecting everything wrong

“Jesus! Something’s not right”
Said an old man in white
How about protesting about it ?
These animals will never quit
Guess what the agent of status quo said
Everyone is corrupt, look into your own head
Why do you pick on us?
Don’t you pay a bribe on the bus?
Aren’t we a part of society
Even if we can never be civil?

And a nation was asked to feel ashamed
When it should have been inflamed
And some were called thugs
By thugs, by the very same thugs
Nothing will change we sighed
The opportunity of a lifetime died
The agents sneered and the police crept
Into tents where innocents slept
And voices were taken the same night
By men who auctioned and stole the air
The air! They even stole the air!

Where theft is a political compulsion
And protest is necessary expulsion
The agents of status quo
Why would they bother to go?

My children will have the last laugh
On every old man’s behalf
Who lost a son on a phantom road
In times when innocents were mowed
In this life or perhaps the next
Their souls will feel the effects
Of a billion curses unleashed
In broad daylight, no less

Dear Agent of Status Quo


Shivani said...

OMG!! I had the goosebumps reading it.....

Farina said...

Very touching..
Write more on such topics Gaurav, every line is fantastic.