Friday, May 27, 2011

Over Everything Heavy, Under Everything Light ( A Beautiful Thought )

Image Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

In an unnecessary fight

Or somewhere in peace

Before my soul takes flight

Or body thuds into ground

When I am accused

Or released scot free

I am supposed to behave

Like others around me

Who see what they see

While I see what they can’t

But I am chained to share

For their minds are closed

Why then you come

Only to me

Oh beautiful thought

Darn your type

A punch line arrives

Or a joke dies

A song is sung

Or silence overwhelms

A sketch is made

And histories erased

Seduction triumphs

Over every priest in sight

But my mind is gone

To places unknown

Why come to me?

Oh Beautiful thought

Why do you come at all?

Just before

The car turns the corner

Or knife touches skin

A clumsy noose tightens

Before hope is found

And my soul is lost

Pictures are shared

Of fake smiles

While I think

About the thumb

That controls the flash

Why do you come?

Come at all?

Beautiful thought

Go find someone else

The cup reaches the lip

The button is undone

A heart is broken

Or a dog snarls

Before God speaks

And the devil is done

Why do you come

To no one but me

Oh beautiful thought

I miss the fact

That I can’t miss

A beautiful thought

Like everyone else

It is a curse

Of the mind

Or of the places

The body has been

Ordinary minds

Never would get

Why it comes

Comes at all

And it seems

Only to me

A beautiful thought

So I never belong

In a train

Of ordinary thoughts

Or of passionate bodies

Where people are happy

Or that’s what they think

Where people are sad

And that’s what they are

While my soul floats

Above everything heavy

Under everything light

Nowhere close to

Where others go

In blissful ignorance

I still search

For another survivor

Of beautiful thoughts

Of the world

And everything else

In a grave

Or within a womb

In a café

Or in a skirt

In Baralacha La

In an exam

A misunderstood mind

Just like mine

Where nothing exists

Except perhaps

The occasional arrival

Of a beautiful thought


Anonymous said...

i have no words for this beautiful poem....just a permanent smile stuck on my face which is not going away....its more of bliss which will stay long after the smile fades neat one after long i could understand the figures of speech in a poem, because i wanted to!! the poem brought them to my notice itself, the paradoxes are just amazing and the title rocks!!!! if i may be permitted to use the lingo of today's generation.....:) :)

Too good gaurav...keep up the good work!!!!

me. :)

Karan said...

GUP, you beauty. Come save the BB again. Stop all the quiz club piss and continue what you do. Keep Writing the hell out of words.

Amit Bhatia said...

i dont know which line is my fav.

except for the papaya.

oh ugly papaya, followed by upset tummy.
why do you come to me?
why do you come at all?