About Gaurav Parab

Gaurav Ullhas Parab, the first person from the left. The first person from the right.

Gaurav Parab is the author of Rustom and the Last Storyteller of Almora and also works as a marketer with a leading technology company. He has played many successful roles in life, including the favourite child of the multi-talented Nilima and Ullhas Parab, sticky salesman of chewing gum and adhesives, evil brains behind a betting syndicate at his B-School, reluctant dog walker, good-looking quizzing enthusiast, poet with the most thoughtful look on his face, that kid who attended a dozen schools (and got kicked out from a few on circumstantial evidence) and motivational speaker.

In addition to contributing to newspapers and websites, he blogs at the cleverly titled Gaurav Parab Says. He lives in Pune with his beautiful baker wife Juhi, and their sloppy dog-child Joko. Joko is convinced that he is a horse, and Gaurav spends a good part of the day helping Joko deal with his multiple personality disorder. You can connect with Gaurav at facebook/pages/Gaurav-Parab, on email at gauravparab@yahoo.com, and through his blog Gaurav Parab Says.