Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rahul Ji has the best hair cut in the country, says Digvijay Singh

Congress general secretary, Digvijay Singh on Sunday said that Rahul Gandhi was now a mature person with sound political instincts and he has the best hair cut in the country. 

"I think it is time for me to declare that he has the best hair cut in the country." Singh said, talking to reporters permanently stationed at his house. 

"At 40, to have the hair cut that he has and those dimples…" Singh said before breaking into a sigh.  

“Like I have told you every morning since the morning concept was introduced by Indira Gandhi Ji, Rahul Ji has the right qualities, instincts and hair to take up the mantle of the prime ministership now, Singh said. 

“At forty, he is exactly where Rajivji was when he was forty. And I don’t mean Europe.”

“In fact, we are planning to pass a law called as the Ji Pall Bill which makes it mandatory to add 2 Gs , spelt Ji Ji, after Rahul Ji's name. Rahul Ji Ji will be legal, and that Sri Sri God man person would need to deregister. "

"Rahul Ji also does a mean stubble every now and then. We in the Congress call it…" Digvijay Singh paused before spreading his arms wide and whispering, " The Rahul Gandhi Stubble look."

"I can’t tell you how brilliant it is. But I still will. He should be on that Simi Garewal show. I mean, how many times will Randbir Kapoor come on a Star World interview? He is a thug that Ranbhir Kapoor.” 

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