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Gaurav Parab and Jay Shah finished fourth at Brand Equity, Pune

*Gaurav Parab's website to be launched soon.

*Gaurav Parab's article on Phil Hughes' death on Sportskeeda

*Gaurav Parab's article on Tendulkar's absence from Parliament 

*Gaurav Parab and Jay Shah reached the finals of the Tata Crucible Quiz, Pune

* Gaurav Parab and Amneet Sodhi finished third at the Shyam Bhat memorial quiz at AFMC

Gaurav Parab's article on Tendulkar's critics on SportsKeeda.com

Discovering America with family and friends

* Gaurav Parab and Mehul Dixit finished 4th in the Economic Times Quiz, Pune

* Gaurav Parab and Amneet Sodhi won the Symbhav 2010 Business-Technology Quiz at SLS, Pune.

* Gaurav and Mehul Dixit won the E Cell Quiz at SIC, Pune

* Gaurav and Amneet Sodhi finished Second at the SIBM Transcend Business Quiz 2010, Pune.

* Gaurav and Amneet Sodhi won the Business Quiz at Grafiti 010

*Gaurav Parab and Amneet Sodhi won the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz, Pune

*Gaurav Parab and Amneet Sodhi came 4th at the AFMC Shyam Bhat Memorial Trophy Quiz.

*Gaurav came second at the ET In Campus Pune Quiz with Amneet Sodhi from SCMHRD.

*Gaurav won the SIIB B School Business Quiz with Amneet Sodhi from SCMHRD.

* Gaurav finished third with Rohit Jain ( SCMHRD) at the Infosys National B School Quiz Competition at Infy HQ, Bangalore

Golf and the four letter word on MSN

* Gaurav finished 3rd at the Pune Edition of the Brand Equity Quiz with Manish Manke ( Infosys)

Little Hero Army was the Centre feature on the editorial page of the Maharashtra Herald on 3rd August 2007

Relax its Federer by Gaurav Parab on Rediff

The Last Dance on MSN

Time Travel By Gaurav Parab on MSN

Leave the Genius Alone by Gaurav Parab on MSN

Mumbai Show Me the Way by Gaurav Parab on Rediff

All at Sea by Gaurav Parab on MSN