Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Story Somewhere

Somewhere between the glass and the lip
Floating in thin air
Is a woman’s face
The story of a drunk’s grace

Somewhere on an old wall of grey
Is a square of white
Where a photograph once hung
The story of a son died young

Somewhere between the table and the note
The last thing he wrote
Is a reason to pray
The story of a boy gone away

Somewhere in the eyes dry and cold
Her hands outstretched
An old lady begs
The story of her missing legs
 Somewhere in his words so harsh
Stinging like bees
Is sacrifice not shown
The story of a father’s loan

Somewhere behind a pointed gun
In a heart of stone
The sound of her pain so shrill
The story of revenge in a kill

Somewhere in an old broken clock
Still ticking away
Kept next to his bed
The story of a book unread

Somewhere in the bus to work
Is a heart
In a body with no self esteem
The story of an unfulfilled dream

Somewhere behind the green mask
His hand steady
And instinct in his gut
The story of a doctor’s decisive cut

Somewhere in his table of drawers
With the cash
Is mistaken belief
The story of a sleazy thief

Somewhere in his hind legs
Ready to uncoil
In a jungle from before
The story of a Lion’s roar

Somewhere in her hands
Running nervously through her hair
Is the look in his eye
The story of a stranger walking by

Somewhere I have to end this
The last line
For words are never a lot
Like the story after the end of this dot  .

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Priyanka Khot said...

My favourite lines were these:
"Somewhere in her hands
Running nervously through her hair
Is the look in his eye
The story of a stranger walking by"

One thing I noticed, the rhyming was not consistent everywhere. Was this deliberate?

Farina said...

Nice thoughts....stories left without a conclusion.

DreamCatcher said...

GUP, this is awesome man..kudos and keep writing..By the way when is your book coming out. I hope MBA is not able to blunt our favorite writer from infy :).

Nishant said...

I like the brilliant melange of irony & satire, innocent humor & sadness!