Friday, October 01, 2010


The fading of the light
Makes memories easy to see
Like a TV in the dark
Focus out explosions from debris

My gun waits by my side
Windows shut down tight
The wind whispered her name
Dark shadow of white

My hands run along the blade
Of a rusted steel comb
Even fear is little afraid
That the beast followed me home

My large dog in the corner
He refuses to move
The eyes of loyalty and honor
Are now too afraid to prove

Lightning strikes outside
Dark rains follow soon
Daylight long left to hide
Like that cowardly moon

I break the last bottle of wine
Sprinkle the glass on the floor
Where the moon escapes to shine
As I hear a knock on the door

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I am listening to Cortez the Killer by Neil Young.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Better than Cursed Lilith is your finest.

From the mythological name to the ref to the dog - this one is full of so many layers that I love every line here