Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Prayers

By Gaurav Parab

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Met a man just the other day

In a small hut, slightly out of the way

No, he was not saffron dressed

Did'nt see a cross on his chest

His name was unknown across the land

As the man who did understand

Who knew all the scriptures had to say

Who knew just the right way to pray

I asked him for the stronger prayer

One perhaps with passion and flair

A prayer to broker world peace

A prayer to help in a mind’s release

He smiled back as only Gods can

I knew I had come to the right man.

He said there is no such prayer around

Which can make the lost become found

“Son, I am a man of little prayers

Taking one at a time up the stairs

If you want I can tell you when to pray what

and turn nothing into a lot”

Prayer 1

When I am on the road for a ride

And I see an ambulance rush to the other side

I take a small pause to close my eyes

I pray it reaches time as life flies

Prayer 2

When I see the powerful do wrong

Take what does not belong

I maybe too small to fight

I pray he learns to do what's right.

Prayer 3

When I read about a soldier now dead

Fighting for our right to our daily bread

As war claims another next to his guns

I pray for peace to his loved ones

Prayer 4

As I cross a dog whose life has past

Under a car going too fast

As the cars go by with their little alarms

I pray that God takes him with open arms.

Prayer 5

When I see a child on the street

Begging for alms on his daily beat

Birth has denied him a thousand lucks

I pray one day he feels like a million bucks

“Son there are a thousand little prayers everyone can say

When they are going nowhere or are on their way

Like a billion drops make the ocean large and blue

A billion little prayers make miracles come true.”

As you move with life each day
Remember little prayers that you can say

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Tarun Singh said...

Brilliant Gaurav ... This is one of my all time favs now :)

Kalyan said...

Needless to say the man with lil prayers is none other than u... :)
Nice words..


Farina said...

Hoping everyone who reads this starts saying little prayers for all those who need it.

yogesh said...

Awesome Gaurav. Keep writing.

Bhairavi said...

Even though I am a bigger fan of your humour, this poem gets across the message simply and effectively.

bHAIRAVi said...

Even though I am a bigger fan of your humour, this poem gets across the message simply and effectively.

Himadri said...

beyond beautiful.

God bless you.
There are times when i feel i cant do much.. and my heart wrenches.. and i say a little prayer.. hoping they will be answered.. believing that an unselfish pure plea will be heard by the greatness that governs this universe..

God bless you Gaurav. The world is, and will be, a better place with people like you.
I am resisting saying a pray out loud here. Keep writing :)

Gaurav Parab said...

@ All, Thanks Everyone.

I had actually written this sometime ago but reposted it because of an incident I witnessed recently.

I was walking in an area called as Timber Yard. The road that runs through is wide and can fit two trucks side by side.

This day, there were two trucks that were occupying the way and not letting the other go. There was a petty argument going on. Then the wails of an ambulance cut through the noise, and sure enough an ambulance appeared. But to my shock, one of the trucks did not give way immediately! It was disgusting. The truck driver was arguing with the ambulance driver now who was furiously trying to may his way through because of the emergency. Meanwhile as the little jam cleared, a rickshaw shot straight through the gap that was created leaving the ambulance to brake suddenly and slow down once again.

What does one say about this? How far have we come as a society. And I have noticed this a lot in traffic around the cities here where ambulances struggle to make through because the drivers don't give them right of way. Even traffic cops are more efficient letting ministers and their convoys through than an ambulance rushing to save a HUMAN life!

Now, I know that the 108 initiative is beginning to become a success but we as normal people on the street have to do something about following basic rules.

Thats all I got to say about that.

Yogesh said...

Simplest of thoughts - and yet, so beautifully expressed!

Good one Gaurav :)

Priyanka Khot said...

The post did not make me cry like a baby instead it hit a place from where only silent tears come. It is a thought that hits many of us city-dwellers. Some, sorry to say only a numbered few, feel helpless when they hear an ambulance alarm blasting while stuck in a jam. I don’t know whether at that time I remember to pray or not. But I am sure I mutter some abuses under my breath. Not very lady like and not constructive I agree.

Thanks for making me a better person. Next time I hear an ambulance, I will close my eyes and say a silent prayer and hope that the patient survives.