Thursday, July 22, 2010


The desk when I am outside

The sky when the ink has dried

A body when I am alone

Isolation when someone is home

A song when a pin drops

Silence when it refuses to stop

Knowledge when there is nothing to do

Freedom when a lesson is due

The Grass grows thick and wide

As I walk to the other side

A machine when the hands are tired

My hands when a machine is wired

Money when I have nothing to show

Peace of mind when it jingles and flows

A dog to walk in the whispering dark

A gun to silence a wild dog that barks

A structure when there is no hope

Uncertainty when I learn to cope

The Grass grows thick and wide

As I walk to the other side


Song on my playlist - On Raglan Road by Luke Kelly


Jaya said...

I think you have finally crossed over....and have found words beyond have completely lost it or is it me? please tell me this is not Inception talking!!!

Gaurav Parab said...

The Crossover is complete.

Now, I have gone rogue!

You know the funny thing is I have heard the word Crossover twice in the last two days. Yesterday, with friends over breakfast where someone was mentioning a true life ghost incident where a spirit was stuck inside the house because some ceremony was not done. The narrator mentioned that the crossover was incomplete! I loved the way he said 'incomplete crossover'.

Made a mental note.

Jaya said...

Does that spirit belong to Amitabh Bachchan in weird clothes? coz that is Bhootnath movie story :) Someone was pulling your leg.
I agree about you going rogue though..No regular QTH to keep you grounded and real..

Minal Chinchkar said...

Never read Shelly, Byron or Shakespeare...
But get the Glimpse of what a Marvellous Creation can be with "Every Bait..."
Good One Bro...

Anonymous said...

One of your best.

chandani said...

nice poem :)

truly said ,

the grass always seems greener somehwhere else ;)

chandani :)