Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Birds Take Flight

By Gaurav Parab
As the Sun slowly rises in the Jungle Sky
Val, the Lion opens his only good eye
The night was long and like thousands before
Val the Lion remained the last one to roar

The pack from the river had caught him off guard
By the last tree of his million tree yard
There were seven of them, he was all alone
Led by Scottie, claiming to be Val’s clone

But Val was the last remaining of his kind
An aging monster, led by a clever mind
Val had seen a thousand Scotties before
Seen them to hell, always the last Lion to roar

One by one he killed the attack
Till a lucky claw caught his back
As he lay bleeding in his own back yard
The old hand rose to slay Scottie hard

By mid night Val was the last one left
The mighty heart knew of his impending death
He found the strength to open one eye
To pray to his last moon in the bleeding sky

The pride in him asked for one more Sun
So he could once more do what he had always done
As his heart found a reason to beat
The Sun rose to lighten up death’s defeat

With only a few moments of life in him left
Val, the dying Lion smiles
As the Sun slowly rises in the Jungle Sky
Val, the Lion opens his only good eye

He moves his head to feel the stillness around
The jungle waits in fear for that daily sound
The sound of pure bred royalty and unmatched strength
The sound that unleashes fear across breadth and length

The birds take flight from a million trees
And elephants scurry across like bees
For like thousands of days from before
Val, the Lion lets out his frightening roar


Rashmi said...

Cheers :)

Kedar Patankar said...

Nice one !!!

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Shankar said...

Are you for real?

amazing blog and great story telling in the birds take flight.


Priyanka Khot said...

As usual amazing...

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ullhas said...

Baby boy U R heading for a Nobel if U continue like this.

Baba Boy

mohitv said...

Gaurav goes a way beyond others...coz of his unique style...choice of words and unique expressions..deep yet so simple..but heart piercing....
kudos for another accomplishment Gaurav!