Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fire Breathing Dragons

By Gaurav Parab

So we count the hours left in the day
And the minutes gone astray
We try hard to not look back
Yet, eyes peer through the crack

We did not conquer unconquered worlds
Or slay fire breathing dragons
No cures were to be discovered by us
But in this unremarkable place, I remarkably came to trust

The joy of simple moments together
Will be had once again, I am sure
In some other place and some other age
A wind turns today’s page

Before we go on, you should know this
In this magical journey, I will miss
The fact that you were always here
When I had my fire breathing dragons to fear

Two years
It felt like a lifetime
Two years
It felt like a minute

I am saying the one thing I should
The last two years simply felt good

This is not a goodbye
This is a Thank You


Diwakar Sinha said... fits. totally.

Nisarg Shah said...

kya be.... 4 yrs of engg mein ek bhi aise poem nahi likhe...

i bet its the girls makin it tough to say good bye ;)

Swarnika said...

Mast hai ... reminds me how i felt after leaving college ...a lil short of words to explain exactly wht i felt at tht time.. jst soaked in tht moment to realize it over... and understood the meaning of word moving on :) with sweet memories

Himadri said...

just so true..



Farina said...

Nice one...
but i hope its not a good bye :)

R. Ramesh said...

wow good blog buddy..congrats:)