Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eighty Year Old denies involvement with IPL

In a series of fast moving developments, the token gracefully aging old man in the Nana Nani park denied any involvement in the IPL fiasco.

“Sure, I mentor a lot of people. Or as my grand daughter says, A LOT. A week back I advised a young man, who returned with two of his friends after an hour."

"Doesn't he remind you of Alok Nath ?"

" I swear I had nothing to do with the Kochi team. Or worse Kolkata Knight Riders. I am a cricket lover after all.” the old man added.

“At my age, I kind of feel left out. Why should my house be not raided when every other house is? My house has an electronic photo frame. My daughter-in-law bought it from the America. She works for that nice doctor Sharma.”

On the rapidly expanding scope of the Income Tax raids, the old man suggested, “Do it with the census. That way we count as we raid. As the old saying goes, Two Birds One Stone”

“Don’t roll your eyes Sham” he quickly added to his young grandson.

When asked about his family’s involvement in what is fast emerging as the biggest new story in India since Guddi Maruti, the Old man said, “Last night, my son forwarded an email to his secretary. Who forwarded it to 10 other people to earn good luck and escape the wrath of God Balaji. That much is true”

The old man however refused to take position on the Tharoor - Modi standoff.

“I don’t twitter.”  

“Ok, after I have had a couple of Aloo Parathas and no one is watching, I do let out a little twitter”

Staring across the expansive gardens, the old man sighed and said, “But only when it is overcooked.”

On being named as a possible co-owner of the Kochi team, the old man denied all accusations. My only connection to Kerala is my nurse. “They should name the team Kochi Nurses Eleven.”

When asked about the possible involvement of powerful ministers, the Old man commented that it is not true. Although he did name the city of Ahmadabad as possible share holders in the IPL.

“Old Joshi, Patel and Shah have a stake in all the teams. Except Kolkatta, which plays like my dog’s twitter”.


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