Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mahadev and his Horse

By Gaurav Parab

As I keep the book
That accidentally came to be kept
All those unclaimed that God took
And no one wept

I think about the horse
Perhaps the animal felt
The missing remorse
As his owner knelt

Mahadev’s horse driven cart
An undertaker to the untaken
The trigger to a new start
The last friend of the forsaken

A man, a horse and their garlands
For every death that cheated life
For every life, cheated of its breath
Unlikely fates, two likely friends

The horse passed on I hear
As his master searched
For a resting place for his peer
Like the other seventy thousand

Ammu, a friend to the unidentified
Ammu, an unidentified horse
Mahadev, god of gods
 Mahadev, a simple man who does his job

This poem is based on the inspirational life of Mahadev, Bangalore's friend to the forsaken. In the last three decades, Mahadev has provided a dignified burial to more than 70,000 people, whom no one claimed to be their own.  Subroto Bagchi's remarkable book, The Professional, starts with a chapter on Mahadev and I hope his life's work can be an inspiration to all of us.


Farina said...

Nice poem.
Thanks for the background on it.

Amey said...

Yes, the professional is an awesome book.

And so is yours GP!

Great poem.