Friday, March 05, 2010

The Sacrifice of Every Bait - Thank You

Dear All,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that select work from this blog is now available in the form of a Poetry Book titled "The Sacrifice of Every Bait".

I am not sure how best to describe it, but I will say that the book contains 65 stories, and not necessarily poems. Even if I would like to call it a poetry book. For each poem is a story. That is the way I write, for that is how I see all my closest friends like you, the world, the alive and the dead in everything. A story. And a story cannot be complete without remarkable characters. Like you. My closest friends.

This book is a first step. We have thrown a stone, and it is but taking a leap after hitting the water the first time. The second touch would be stronger, and will take us to greater distances. I hope we would be together for that journey as well.

I think it is unfair to thank a few for this small effort. For every single one of you who have drifted into this place of ours, have left a mark on my thoughts. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. But I would still like to mention some whose work and philosophy inspire me, and make every word on this blog possible. In no particular order:

To my parents for everything in life
To my friends, for the hours in every day
To my mistakes, for the lesson in every moment
Thank you. This is our book.

My Parents:  They are responsible for everything that is worthwhile in me. The rest is my responsibility.

Nike: My sister. After I wrote my first story, she said I should take up writing. It was a horrible piece of work, thank god I realize that now. Life would have been so boring without my desk.

Stefan, Steffi, and little Crush: My young brothers and sister who are now three stars up in the sky. You may have been dogs, but through your unselfish love you have left me with but one wish for the day I die. I wish I am reborn as a dog. No other way. Oh what fun it will be!

Amit Bhatia: A great buddy, he has seen most of the poems before anyone else in our cubicle at a place from the edge of time. He is selective in praise, but every time he has had a nice thing to say it has left me feeling good.

Reena: Crazy Reena. Her spirit is inspirational.

Juhi: Thank you for everything. Her creativity is matched only by her patience. It take a lot to survive someone like me, and her support remains unrelenting.

Piyush and Jassi: My room-mates for the last couple of years. They have put up with me and my constant need for space with zero complaints. They have made me a better person.

Anu: An unmatched professional, my first boss, she gave me enough space to be myself during the three years when most of this book was written.

Archita Trisal: A staunch supporter from my Infy days, she has encouraged the blog from its start. An amazingly creative person, her songs have the power to overcome power itself. She truly is one of a kind. And boy, can she write!

Gurudas Nulkar Sir: My professor at B School, it was his sensible advice that I should go for Print On Demand to retain creative control over my work. Penguin Books, it is him you have to blame!

Subbu Sir: For encouraging me to look beyond the daily work, quizzing, NEEV.

Priya Kher Mam:  Her advice, encouragement and efforts make a lot of dreams come true.

Mahesh Aney Sir: The recipient of one of the earliest copies of this book, thank you for insisting that I sign it for you. It is not often that a first time writer get this honor from a National Award Winning Cinematographer. And like I scribbled in awe of that copy, "I hope we get to work together."

Seema, Ashutosh, Evita and the rest of the NEEV Team: Thank you for showing me what working hard means.

Mayank Mathur, Gaurav Garg, Abhishek Dhok: Early supporters. Life long friends.

My Friends Shaily, Nisarg, Karve, Bubbles, Rahul Raut, Ankit Sharma, Sushant, Yogesh Powar, Jayshankar, Rohan Khurd, Asif, Amit Kate, Piyush Kumar, Puneet, Ankit Vishwakarma, Amneet, Phani, Mohit, Chetan, Akash, Chintu, Rohit Shirole, Shantanu, Chote and a hundred others.

I have been very luck to attract gems wherever I have been.

Farina, Anu, Tambourine Girl, Shantanu, Pradeep, Yamini, Priyanka, Tarun, Jui, Reena, Ayesha, Anu , Manjusha, Nightflier, Jaya, Satish Naidu, Ketan, Yogita, Shreya Prakash, Nimesh Shah and many others: My drifter friends. My mirror images. They help me write in their own unique ways.

The 2008-2010 Batch At SCMHRD: It is only amongst brilliance that the good in us thrives. Thank you everyone.

To those whose names don't find a place on this blog post, find a place in every word I write. Thank you.

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Rahul Shah said...

Congratulations dude!
I have been following your poems from Good old Infy Days. I am not sure whether you are aware of it or not, your poems are still posted on Hjw-Leisure and receiving the same praise and appreciation. Way to go! Good Luck for your next touch of water (in your words)

Jaya said...

Oh you published you published!!! I am so proud of you! I have a big grin on my face which is refusing to go away. congratulations! I do know that this is just a small little step and you are on your way to greater things.

Shreya said...

My god. Congrats is an understatement. You take all my dreams and fulfill them. I am glad I know you.

Aruna said...

Congratulations. God bless you. May you write many many books in the years to come.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Woha.. I am glad I am following a book writer's blog.. That so very great dude.. congrats!! but like some one said.. its really an understatement.. god bless.

Himadri said...

Congrats.. :) so glad.Really. so Congrats Again :)(yeah that's silly i know.. ;) )

Gaurav Parab said...

@ Rahul: Thanks buddy. I miss the BB like crazy as well. It truly is a one of a kind forum.

@ Shreya: And I am glad too!

@ Aruna: Thanks a ton. Done deal.

@ Scat: You lucky you! Oh come on :) Just order the darn book will ya!

@ Himadri: thanks buddy. Take care.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

and I thought the blog followers are going to get an autographed copy, personally gift wrapped with a thanks note for free..

don't you see how I emphasized on word follower in my previous comment :D

hah.. tell me about shattering the dreams.. on the order page now :(

bhumika said...

Am back to your blog after ages, thanks to your comment on my post.

Congratulations! :)

The Neverknown said...

Book deal and all! First of many more such milestones I am sure. I await. Congratulations!!

Tambourine Girl said...

Order no. 2019 :) Now how do I get an autograph?

Gaurav Parab said...

@ Shattered Thoughts :)

Of course. Just drop into Pune.

@ Bhumika: Welcome Again!

@ The Neverknown: The book deal is still some time away! This is POD, and I think everyone should explore this option.

@ Tambourine: hmmm... The floor is yours. Any ideas?

yamini said...

Congratulations Gaurav, I am very happy for you.
But, this is just a start. You have many more achievements to add to your kitty.
You are a genius at what you do. Touchwood.
Just be yourself and God Bless You.

Gaurav Parab said...

Thank you so much Yamini!

You are too kind.

I see that you have not updated your blog recently?

Why? Why? Why? keep writing.

Priyanka Khot said...

Congratulations Gaurav! Hope the book deal comes your way soon. All the best!

tambourine girl said...

Will look you up when I'm in Pune, copy in hand. Please keep us posted if you ever move out :)

And congratulations!

yamini said...

Just updated my blog today.
Now waiting for comments to unleash...

anupama said...

Congratualtaions Gaurav, may this be a stepping stone for many big things to come, I have followed your writing since Infy BB and am really happy for you. Loads of good luck:)
Anupama (dunno if you remember me from Infy)

Anupama said...

Congratulations Gaurav, May this be a stepping stone to many Big things to come. I have been following your writing since Infy BB and am really happy for you :)
Anupama (dunno if you remember me from Infy )

Anonymous said...

Nice Information.. Thx for sharing this