Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Toast

By Gaurav Parab

A toast to those who do not care
To every single in a pair
Every artist of prose and stone
Every secret that was never shown

A toast to the soldiers in their barracks
Epics of violence, betrayal and sex
To Gods that turn blind eyes
To quick and brutal goodbyes

A toast to blankets made of the sky
The Why Not in every Why
To words that have the power to kill
The hundred relatives in every Will

A toast to the beauty in every beast
The missing salt in an unfinished feast
To those blondes in every tasteless joke
The malice in every friendly poke

A toast to those who do not drink
The smart cowards who choose to blink
To wheelers and their dealers
The cures of quacks and healers

A toast to drunks in control
The criminals inside a police patrol
To the Sun putting up a terrific show
The wind behind every blow

A toast to every unsold book
And every uncaught crook
To every crime of a judge
The evil in every grudge

A toast to every broken heart
To the unseen legend on a chart
A toast to cheese Omelet and toast
The fear inside a struggling ghost

A toast to the music in my room
The tears behind a joker’s costume
Letters that were never posted
A toast to everything that was never toasted


Aravind Ganesan said...

Brilliant! I was playing with this idea for five months but could never find words for it. Now I do not even need to write it!

The Neverknown said...

good one.
but itna saara toast?! bread khatam ho gaya hoga.

man in the iron mask said...

A toast for our wonderful GUP,
A toast for you, a toast for me.

Anu said...

wow Gaurav, lovely.. this is one of your best poems(as per me) :):).. I really liked it a lot..

whats the picture exactly? painting?

Farina said...

Nice work...
A toast to this poem itself :)

john thomas tools said...

cheers to that, awesome words

Gaurav Parab said...

@ Arvind - I hope you dive into writing with the same fervor that I used to see you attack a shuttle cock.

@ The Neverknown

Bread Khatam. Sirf Daru baki hain.

@ Satish

In a totally unrelated development, I saw Vantage Point the other day. I have been hating movies ever since.

@ Anu, Yup. It is a paining from Wiki Commons aptly called the Drunk Sailor.

@ Farina


@ JTT: Thanks.
And Yes, can you explain the name? It is killing me. I have been wondering about it for the past few hours.

Vikas D Nahar said...

Awesome Stuff mann!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful... that's all i can say- at a loss of words after reading it. Keep writing.
God bless.