Friday, January 01, 2010

Conversations are but words combined

By Gaurav Parab

I spoke with dancers about swollen feet

A legless man described his favorite seat

Poets moaned about words they broke

Stand ups shared their secret joke

A friend from the mountains on singing on stage

A friend from the oceans on turning the page

An artist from somewhere who drew me a heart

A stroke that cut me off before I ever could start

A dog once barked out an honest warning

A tear said goodbye on his last morning

God said that everything will be all right

A blind man’s whisper when he was out of sight

A commentator advised that be who you are

A short man said I may go far

A teacher who only spoke only about her sins

A lonely pilot described broken wings

Her eyes said what her lips could not

A millionaire then spoke on not having a lot

A beggar assured  he was pretty satisfied

A sportsman swore that he always tried

A self made friend on being strong

A butcher had a word on living life long

A barber once cut a long story short

An actor gallantly depicted playing the part

An American in Goa on being in the dark

An Indian singing in Central Park

A million words shared between you and me

Each a surging wave in an endless Sea

Conversations are but words combined

Words are but answers to a questioning mind


Dear Friend,

Seasons Greetings !

As we move on to another year together, I will give into the temptation of having this conversation on our blog and how it is doing. But before I do that, I must thank everyone who subscribed, who happened to drift to this crazy little space in our minds, who talked about this address to friends, who wrote in letters expressing disappointment or appreciation in equal measure. Thank you friend.

I don't know if numbers like 30,000 hits or 200 + email subscribers indicate the health of this experiment, but I do know if personal satisfaction was a measure - then this blog has been a runaway success for me. I hope it is the same for you. Over time, because of the support from readers like you I have earned the confidence to express my thoughts while trying to maintain the balance of not making the blog about me. [ ok, the name and photographs are little exceptions for my large ego. ]

This blog is our place.  And I hope it will remain so. There is always a temptation to start writing about my personal life, my disorganized days and slow nights - and I do give in everynow and then - but I have tried to look for things that catch the eye between life and death. For my unremarkable personal life, I did start another blog but it went nowhere due to a hectic schedule and the omnipresent drifter inside.

There is a strange sense of expectation that I feel with this new year, and I am certain that all of you will acheive the dreams that you have dreamt soon. Happy New Year !

Thank you once again. Do subscribe, and do drift in whenever you have the time. I wait for you and the inspiration you bring.

Gaurav Parab


Shahid Mukadam said...

It is one hell of a poem, dude I think you got gr8 talent and I will subscribe to the other one, I am sure you will always have a good word to share with us

Kedar Vivek Patankar said...

A very happy and prosperous new year to you too :)
I really liked the blog on Tendulkar. Keep writing.

Thanks and Regards,

Farina said...

The poem really proves that
"Conversations are but word combined".

Even though i might not be able to comment
on your every post; I like most of them.
You are a writer with great potential and with
a natural effect in poetry.

Hope you write many more gems like this one today
and like my all time fav poem of yours "Ropes"
PS : Other than the article related to almost heroes and Poem Remember Me,
nothing has yet matched up to the greatness of the poem "Ropes" for me :)

Have a Wonderful New Year!
Keep writing

Amit Bhatia said...

dare i say this is the piece i have most enjoyed reading from you?