Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Toast - Part II

By Gaurav Parab

A toast to the openness in every door
The bit of sky in every floor
The combination to a worthless lock
The white board yearning for white chalk

A toast to being enslaved
The mighty whose strength caved
The dependable who easily gave in
The past glory of every has been

The reluctance in every embrace
The ribbon at the end of a chase
The cold snake hugging the warm desert
Escaped ink on a stifling white shirt

A toast to rumors about Saints
To complaints about complaints
The last journey to the Sun
The redoing of everything undone

A toast to the miracle of death
To noisy neighbors and bad breath
To kids sick of birds and bees
Poisoned food and Mess fees

A toast to ministers and guns
To tailenders and their runs
Cheating wives and slippery husbands
The wealth due to missing funds

A toast to everything that can go wrong
Boy bands screwing a timeless song
Chetan Bhagat’s crappy words
Live wires and unsuspecting birds

A toast to each tree cut down
Lights burning bright in an abandoned town
To murderers and their attorneys
Faulty cars and a thousand journeys

A toast to the last few heart beats
Dirty laundries and clean sheets
Fans singing out the wrong lines
Engineers copying the right designs

A toast to dreams that don’t come true
To biting more than you can chew
Letters that were never posted
A toast to everything that was never toasted

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Diwakar Sinha said... do have a way with words.
Love your poems!