Saturday, September 05, 2009


By Gaurav Parab

She is going through the papers in his book

She knows exactly where to look

A smile forms when she see’s that special letter

About her looking good in a blue sweater

He searched for her and then he had his way

As he joked about him being old and gray

She found him unpredictable and unique

As he wrote about the softness in her cheek

She picks the letter, and feels the page

Something is wrong, it doesn’t show its age

The paper is new, but he has the same words to say

The date is today, it should have been yesterday

The Dear is different, it was not meant for her

It is addressed to his love of this year


Anonymous said...

You are back. One of your best.

Anonymous said...

Haha too good

Thanks and Regards
Pradeep Yadav