Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Songs, One Should Never Play

By Gaurav Parab

Watching a movie about twists of fate and phrase

Eyes browsing through scenes you cannot understand

Like about an honest girl and the love she betrays

Visions about castles of water on slippery sand

And as the hero walks away into the sunset

And you desperately reach for your phone

But then you are interrupted by a face you just met

Even in a crowd, friend, you will feel alone

You see

Heroes have to die in the end

Reading a timeless tale about a queen and king

Who met once in a land long time away

Even if you know what the end will bring

You read on anyway

As you reach the part about the stolen kiss

You touch the black and white photograph

To find the color you love to miss

Like a fluttering flag torn from its staff

You fall

To the ground with the wind

As you put on a song about the life in every year

And hum along in a voice that does not belong

The singer pauses to softly say, My dear

Followed by random words to be strong

You reach for that broken guitar for support

You curse the strings that remain intact

Playing the score between dreams and fact

Some songs

One should never play


shail2chouhan said...

nice post buddy, really great work

Anonymous said...

your poetry never ceases to amaze its readers..


Ashutosh said...

Splendid..Takes me somewhere... feel like being on a bridge from where I am able to see life so clearly... u just paint it out so beautifully.