Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Court of a Bus

By Gaurav Parab

I am on my way to another city

I glance at my right; she sits straight and pretty

We are in a big bus; we may as well be in a little box

Confessing silently to sins committed over a million clocks

She turns to her right to consider the passing town

As my heart considers going up so it can go down

I clear my throat for the few words I plan to say

But then the driver manages to lose the way

She now turns her attention to me

I plead I am a free bird, begging not to be free

She judges it best to be a silent stranger

Yes, I sense the woman senses the danger

I say a few words about being old and wise

She nonchalantly separates the truth from the lies

She is clueless, yet she passes her sentence

The punch line to break the guilty suspense

She does not say a word, but I hear

She says, Boy, I can read you loud and clear

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