Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Desert's Tree

By Gaurav Parab

What do I want? She wants to ask

Boy, stop flowing inside an opaque flask

Yes, I will go to pray and I hope you stay back

In that church, don’t need a shadow on my back

How dare you ask me to pray for you?

Like I have nothing else better to do

Maybe you are the thing that better be done

No, you are the road that I ought to outrun

I hope you never manage to reach that part

You are the bull’s eye, passing as an intended dart

This girl knows you boy, you sold your soul

To lose the missing part in your complete whole

You were never a part of my projected plan

A movie that you don’t know when it began

I don’t know whether to ignore or to ignore you

I draw a straight line, you make it run skew

I know your kind, but I don’t know one thing

Is this another fling, or is this another fling

I see you are something I have never seen before

Like having everything now, like wanting more

Don’t you know my life is defined in front of me?

Its definitions are like the absent attendee

I know you will walk in, so you can walk out

You may be the whisper, I want to shout

Your eyes ask what I wonder about ?

Well, you are the doubt that I honestly doubt

Sometimes I look for wise words to say in front of you

You get under my skin, you are a visible tattoo

The mark that will stay at the back of my mind

Like the perfect picture which was redesigned

I know we will never whisper in each other’s ears

I think I will remember you over the years

Boy, didn’t you do it again and again?

Welding the multiple links in a painful chain

Some part of me wants you to stop with me

Like a desert holding on to its single tree

But then I figure that I cannot figure you out

You are the with that I can live without

I think you should stay away, Mr Bad news

You will always be the solution, I will never use

I wonder if you only talk to me like that

Or there are other mazes, you arrogant rat

I am glad you happened, I wish you stayed away

A drifter, I wished who was interested to stay

Now, I secretly read the words you write

Creating shadowy visions, just out of sight

It is me who wants to talk to your head

But then you say what should remain unsaid

But then years down our brilliant lives

You will be the good news that never arrives

Boy, I want you to remember me for who I am

Not just another part of some made up plan

I hope you remember this girl for her mind

Maybe a certainty which was unfairly reassigned

I hope I am your passing moment which cleanly passed

I hope I am immortality which never lasts


Anonymous said...

With this you take it to another level. One of the best things I have read on the web in a long time.

It just flows so smoothly.


Priyanka Khot said...

Too Good. I had tears in my eyes by the end of this one. Too Good is all I can say!

nightflier said...

wow !!

Anonymous said...

It is an epic. Certified Epic.

abdul, oman

Gaurav Parab said...

@ Tadea, Thank a ton.

@ Priyanka, Good to be back writing.
Delighted to know you enjoyed it.

@ nightflier

I love your name. What do you do in the day by the way?

@ abdul - The desert did the trick, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Great man…!!!
Didn’t get even single line…totally bouncer… ;-)

-Pradeep Yadav

nightflier said...

@Gaurav - kheti baadi..

ullhas said...

Seems the cricket team is on to your blog. Agricultural sounds
( wow )& bouncers et all.

Golfer Boy

Aafi said...

Wonder why we at times love things we never understand.. same applies to people!
Well written!