Sunday, June 07, 2009

What Dreams Give

By Gaurav Parab

Maybe that is not how it was

A dream is after all dreamt to have flaws

No one saw what I could see in it

Perhaps a trick of light inside eyes half slit


She could never be so beautiful it seems

Beauty lies in the power of dreams

She never lived for me they say

Her eyes were black, yet I claim they were gray


How could she have a taste for you?

In life you don’t bite what you will not chew

She must have a love, a home, her own dream

An idea like you sounds unsuitable in her scheme


I hear she sings it was all a phase

In flashy hotels and run down cafes

If she never happened, how I hear what she sings?

Unexplained is how non-dreamers explain dreams


Every person lives only for his dreams

Life he could not live he slowly redeems

We were a fast dream that cannot live

Reality is the true lie real dreams spit out to give


yamini said...

Gaurav, I must say, you have an amazing gift of gab, which comes across in this blog.
Do they still make guys like you? I thought, the process had been stopped long back. :-))

Gaurav Parab said...

@ Yamini

Yes, the process was stopped long back. I think the introduction of Financial Accounting as a 3 credit course in B schools triggered the whole thing being put on hold :)

Anonymous said...

In the last para, you tryin to justify the poem... though, I can understand the pressure to reach a conclusion..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

DUDE!! why do i get a whiff of incubus in your poem!!!

silla said...

I must say, that you have made me realize that poems CAN be good. And hey, thats a compliment, it really really is! ive always HATED poems. Yours are good!