Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Gaurav Parab

Arrogance glints across the cliff face

A deceptive smile across the welcoming base

The snaking road ending like a bite

Keylong disappears out of sight

Too late to turn back, too soon to go on

The night is over, but it is not yet dawn

A slippery body lead by a firm mind

The next foothold is all I hope to find

How many have you dispatched below?

Quick ends to lives lived real slow

I look up as you look down

Is that a bell ringing at Keylong town?

What makes you come? The mountain asks

To claim another one of your masks?

You do not remember me it seems

You mountain! Appearing in my dreams

I dreamt you help those who seek their end

Once proud minds too broken to mend

Mountain, this is what I want you to do

Filter the morning from the dew

No life ever grew on these slopes

Plenty slipped away from jagged ropes

But before you let me go

To the end of my climb down below

I have one thing to ask, before I stop

Can you let me breathe once on your top?


yamini said...

It is beautiful!!!!!
The mountain and the man and the mind, all three come together in a seamless interface.

So, this was the reason for your being away for so long??

How was the trip?

Gaurav Parab said...


The Himalayas are the most remarkable thing in the world.

AKP said...

Gaurav, take a bow. I actually read your poem on google reader and could not look at the picture. Only when I returned to leave a comment did I see what the pic was! The abstract sense that the poem made was awesome (albeit I could not get why you used Keylong, duh!) and when I looked at the pic it made an altogether different sense. I hope I am not sounding dumb, but without looking at picture I thought this was a poem about life, ambition and achievement or is it that I am too obsessed!

yamini said...

You will show us just this one picture, or are we in for some more treat from the Himalayas?

I am mad about mountains, specially the Himalayas, because they are so majestic!!!