Thursday, July 09, 2009

State of War

Gaurav Parab

I declare a state of War!

On everything I hate, everything I adore

War on comfortable disease

On uncomfortable peace

War on fake applause

On every unjust cause

War on the dead in everything alive

On everything alive that cannot survive

War on the fear inside

On the strength I cannot hide

War on everything that challenges me

On Invisible threats that I see

War on my enemy’s last breath

On my undefeatable death

I declare a state of war

On everything after, everything before

War on love’s enduring brutality

The oneness in duality

On everything against, everything for

I declare a state of war on war


Dear friends,

I am also blogging for the Neev Team at SCMHRD. Neev is one of India's largest B school events open to participants from leading B schools, undergraduate colleges and corporates. The Neev 2009 blog will be a witty look at what goes into creating a massive event, attended by more than 20,000 visitors, with prize money of more than 20 lacs, showcasing national and international talent of the likes of KK, Euphoria etc.

I hope that the support you have given to Gaurav Parab Says is extended to as well

I have nothing more to sell! Keep writing in.


Vinay Garg said...

Haven't slept for last two days. I was no mood for moving my fingers and type.Thought of checking your blog "vaise hi".

YOu compelled me to comment. Man its awesome.

"War on the fear inside On the strength I cannot hide"

Can't get better than this.Awesome. zzzzzzzz

Gaurav Parab said...


Hope you caught up on your sleep

Anonymous said...

Hi bhaiya,
now I am definitely in the list of "Fan club of Gourav Parab".... :)
Beautiful lines....
in the sixth n seventh lines u said that u've war against some1 who is living but is like dead in some terms( i perceive emotions here)... but then u said u've war against sum1 who's alive but fighting for survival.... i dint understand that...



mohitv said...

Hi Gaurav,

have been addicted to your blog for quite a while now, i think more than a year and have gone thru most of your have fantastic power of words..amazing expression...lovely..hope you remember our good times together...keep in touch..god bless u...keep writing bro...

Aafi said...

Plainly awesome.. :)!
Keep writing...