Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shadows on the Wall

By Gaurav Parab

These roads are swamped with a hundred mobs,
Some searching for work, some protesting their jobs.
I walk underneath rusted statues on every lane.
Some pray for the sun, some for the missing rain.

Every one wants something big or small.
I just watch
The shadows on the wall.

They look busy.

Some hate results- some cannot stand definitions,
Some hate undertakers, some dialing physicians.
Some hate being in love, some love hating.
Some want to be caught, some want to be baiting.

Some hate to run; most hate to crawl.
I just watch,
The shadows on the wall.

They look busy.

One of them makes a shelter, another makes a bomb,
One goes to Afghanistan, another into Vietnam.
One sings a song, another curses under his breath.
One makes long lasting life, one makes painless death.

A tall ladder made by someone, a trapdoor to fall.
I just watch
The shadows on the wall

They look busy.

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Anonymous said...

Truly touching...


Vinay Garg said...

Fantabulously Written!
The world seen with a Child's Eye.
Unfortunately they color us with their thoughts as we grow.
Though Few ones preserve that child in them.

The pace and rythm is unmatched.
You are Gold man.:)

Shantanu Dhankar said...

Fantastic composition. But why the indiffence?

Anonymous said...

This one’s something

-Amit Bhatia

Anonymous said...

Tooooo good friend!!!!!

I have been following ur compositions since a few days…..loved all the ones I understood…:)……..and liked this the best…………

Went thru ur blog n liked that article on a housemaid also (sorry don’t remember her name---I think the title was everyday heroes)

Keep up the good work….


Anonymous said...

Have to agree. Nice work ;)

No wonder you have a fan club!


Gaurav Parab said...

@ Shantanu

I think indifference to what most perceive as the 'important' things in life makes the difference between enjoying a small moment or getting caught in the flood of days and years.

But it is a tough path to take, and even if I pretend to, there is no escaping being a part of the wall every now and then.

I envy people who can remain indifferent, and live every moment. I seriously do.

Shantanu Dhankar said...

@ Gaurav

I Agree, yet it is curious to observe your works ...The humor in writing indicates the enjoyment related with small details and this poem indicates indifference (not sure concious or put forth just as an idea). Anyways, didn't intend to be judgemental ... :)

Anonymous said...

I simply couldnt read this one
i had to sing it... to myself( of course :))

my favourite line?
" and they look busy" .

keep up!

Anonymous said...

You make being in a rut look so eventful! This one talks about it from the perspective of people from all walks of life. I think that's the single most striking aspect of your poetry.

Not one of my favorites but I know you wont disappoint cuz you never have :)

This is perhaps the only site I visit apart from Google, subscribed, bookmarked and recommended. Basically shared tons of pain!

Ah! I like your new annoying mugshot, if you think thats gonna get you more subscriptions then you're wrong, might get you some chicks though :P Maria Sharapova listening?

A helpless and 'devoted' fan

Abhi said...

How wonderful is that!

Gaurav Parab said...

@ A

Absolutely no doubt that you are # 1. [ For the blog that is :) ]

A, you like my blog, keep visiting every other micro second, and keep writing comments which I could not have written better myself {Although I would prefer you mention my drop dead* gorgeous looks everynow and then }.

You know what this makes me want to do?

Add Google Adsense.

But, I wont. Provided you tell your fine college mates about this blog and bring the place down. I mean your college.

Beyla said...

Thanks for writing this.