Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Euthanasia for my soul

By Gaurav Parab

Your appeal is wrong, the judge softly said.
It is legal to live, a crime to want to be dead.
Why do you want to kill yourself, I cannot understand.
This wish is illegal, an unreasonable demand.

You have everything - even a blind man can see
A well paid job, a loving family of three.
I have seen pictures of your house, it seems nice.
Don’t you want to think this thing over twice?

Your honor, you do not understand my appeal.
It is not my body which I want to kill
My body has lived a life exciting and whole,
This appeal is for euthanasia for my soul.

My soul suffers from an incurable disease,
Assist me in putting an end to it please.
It is numb and it does not feel love or shame,
It exists for no reason, so I have no reason to blame.

The weightlessness causes me an unexplainable pain,
Stopped living by my soul, I live only by my brain
I feel no joy, no hurt, no stillness, no breeze
Let me put an end to the missing beginnings please.

I walk around like a machine of flesh and blood
I am a floating body overturned in the flood.
Let me pull my soul out, for my body is already a hole.
Consider my appeal for euthanasia for my soul.

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Anonymous said...

I liked this one probably because it echoes my thoughts on similar issues. It sums up the attitude of current decade. Too much rationalization has made us numb to stuff we shouldn't be ignorant about. "Feeling" ... responsibly and genuinely ... is the most human thing which we have lost. It's either over the top jingoism or total nihilism. Man I feel like an old soul!


Anonymous said...

So this raises a lot of questions like "Do you want a new soul?", "Do you want to remain soul-less?", "What got you to this point?", "Can you get back to what you were?" but hey! I would prefer you not answer all those.

Anyway I remember one episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show where she tells this man who had stopped communicating with his wife that "People aren't born cold, therefore it's unnatural for you to be one and in that case you can always get back to being the man you used to be, the one who felt and responded" Well those weren't the exact same words but you get the idea!

Loved "I am a floating body overturned in the flood" what imagery :) It's funny how everyone feels the same way but no one can put it in words quite like you do. One of your best works.


Anonymous said...


Is this an old composition of yours btw?....had a sense of déjà vu reading this ;)


Anonymous said...

Simply overwhelmed to read this one.
I sometimes somehow get entangled in a suffocating web.. each thread of whose, pulls me down into a unique unending well of mystery, and Questions the whole purpose of my existence.. each in its own way!

somehow now i dont find it strange to feel that way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaurav,

The poem is excellent as usual. I don’t remember when I started reading your poems regularly. They are just awesome. Thanks for sharing this.


Anonymous said...

Amazing work Gaurav…

Really nice thought flow


Shantanu Dhankar said...

Is your poetry driven by ideas or by emotions?

Gaurav Parab said...

@ Shantanu.

A little bit of both.

Emotions are either good or bad, with confusion in between. Ideas are more diverse than emotion.

I start with an idea and then let emotion take over.

There is a good reason behind it. If concepts are driven by emotion, you would end up writing a lot of similar content.

On the other hand, if content is driven by ideas then you would end up with a lot of bland content.

But you cant let one outwiegh the other.

Shantanu, do use the Subscribe link on the home page to subscribe to the blog (If you havent done so yet). Also, keep throwing in these interesting questions.

Yours was one of the best I received ! Thanks again for writing in.

Thanks and Regards,

unicorn said...

great thoughts Gaurav, a question I think I should not be asking, but would be damned interested to know the reason behind the topic, answer only if you dont wanna put the same question to what I write :D

Shantanu Dhankar said...

Hey Gaurav!

How can you let emotions take over an idea? You need to have an emotion for the idea (either you have that emotion or you dont' you can't beget an emotion just like that)

If you are writing similar content,it perhaps, just reflects that you are feeling the same things in daily life, if you feel the writing is bland, then its just that your ideas don't have the emotional pull required.

P.S. - I drop by your blog in a few days, wont get into the subscribing game.

Gaurav Parab said...


To each his own ;)

I guess that is what makes life interesting. Different styles, different motivations.

Hey! Do drop in. Look forward to seeing more of you.


Anonymous said...


Its no secret that u can play around wid words brilliantly..and your new creation are amazing...but i cud not find some of the best ones u've written...to the tune of DIVINE :)
plz post them here as well.

Gaurav Parab said...

To the anonymous person refering to Divine.

Life eej hard.

Kalyan Singh said...

these lines of urs reminds me of NUMB of Linkin Park...
i liked it..