Saturday, May 17, 2008

Series of Moments

By Gaurav Parab

Minutes, hours, days and years gone by,
The Sun going up and down through the sky.
A life lived by the day or date,
Wish lived it more by each moment small or great.

The sound made by my feet on loose stones,
The sight of ice cream poured into crisp cones.
The light bursting through a bulb just switched on,
The reluctance with which darkness departs dawn.

The clarity in my old teacher’s feeble voice,
My despair in that moment of wrong choice.
Wish I could feel the free air rushing at my face,
When I was younger winning an expensive race.

The beautiful lover from the edge of time,
The joy in her for tunes searching for a rhyme.
The painful goodbyes that I said first,
The water I spit out to overcome thirst.

Small moments when I turned to life from cold,
Evenings that were but never will be told,
Life explodes into moments of chaotic debris,
Moments that define my years and me.

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Anonymous said...

Now that I've practically read and devoured everything that you have ever written I feel myself connecting the dots between the various poems you write and it's like one is the extension of the other. It's fun to see you grow through each one of them ;)

I have been smiling and laughing for others these days and trying to "fit in" some kind of community here. All I'll say is, this is the first time today, 10 at night, that I have smiled for myself and for that I cant thank you enough :D

Some fans are forever

Shantanu Dhankar said...

Excellent, one of your best, you think?

Gaurav Parab said...

@ A

Thanks again.

Yes, they are all connected in some way or the other. But I do try to pick up different topics to mix it up.

Although, I dont need to tell you this, you dont need to fit in anywhere. Be yourself, and I am sure you are being that, and people will fit around you.

Afterall, you do have good tastes in blogs:)

Gaurav Parab said...


Definitely a personal favorite.

Shreya said...

@GP - Good, but I like ur funny stuff better :) But this is cool, u have fans and all! :) I often imagine winning some writing award from Salman Rushdie..But a few fans wld also more than suffice right now ;)

Gaurav Parab said...


Thanks Shreya.

Still cannot understand the deal with Salman Rushdie and good looking girls. :)

Must be the goatie.

Need to get me one of those.

Anonymous said...

woow ... wht a beautiful composition... hats off...

- Kalyan S