Thursday, August 09, 2007


By Gaurav Parab

How could you be blind while other eyes could see?
The boy flew higher when his wings were set free.
But you thought these cardboard walls were an answer,
Freedom sprang inside like a welcome cancer.

Look at who I was and what I have become,
Mind kidnapped, soul paid as a ransom.
I yearn for a single moment of pure joy,
To kill the hostage and resurrect the boy.

A moment in which I find the boy alone,
No voices in my head, or interviews with my clones.

I sink every heartbeat – you offer me a leaking canoe,
Long drowned now - late for your grinding dance rescue.
But before I am taken, Azazel, lend me a moment in time,
Not your dark gifts – or promises that always rhyme.

A moment in which I could take your burning hand and show,
What you lose if you let the boy go.

Not many moments left for me to break apart or break free,
Either way I am sick of you trying to break me.
I maybe taken or choose to stay
But you have lost the boy,
Who was the key to a million moments of joy.


Anonymous said...

I must say you’ve outdone yourself here

- Amit Bhatia

Abhishek said...

I seem to like the sound of this poem but dont know what exactly it is?!

Pay me a visit sometime

Anonymous said...

For me there are so many interpretations of this masterpiece :)

Another jewel in the crown!


Anonymous said...

2 gooood….


Anonymous said...

Now this is definitely about a dreamer.

- satish