Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Broken Mirrors

By Gaurav Parab

Maybe I was born only to die,
Maybe I smile only to cry.
Maybe I start only to stop,
Maybe I fly only to drop.

Maybe I love because they hate me,
Maybe I fight as I like to agree,
Maybe I am rich as I own all of nothing,
Maybe I am poor as I was born a king.

Maybe I dream to survive the night,
Maybe I wake up as I don’t like the light.
Maybe I am silent for I like my voice,
Maybe I choose because I have no choice.

Maybe I love because I like to fight,
Maybe I hate because I think it is right,
Maybe I am strong because I am so weak,
Maybe I am perfect because I am a freak.

Maybe I float because of this weight,
Maybe I run because I can’t walk straight.
Maybe I see because I am blind.
Maybe I hurt because I don’t mind.

Maybe I am ready because I have no hope,
Maybe I feel as my eyes don’t grope.
Maybe I will be warm when it is frost,
Maybe I will be found when I am truly lost.

Maybe I die only to live,
Maybe I take only to give.
Maybe I am me only for you,
Maybe I know as I have no clue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gaurav,

I just wanted to say that you write really really well.

The way you express what you feel and your creativity has made me your ardent fan.

Keep doing the good thing! J


Anonymous said...

Very well written….

- SM

Anonymous said...

Geez, and I thought that this was about some repressed feelings, feelings that started out in that dreaming person but were squashed by the reality of the world. I thought that was what Broken Mirrors stood for. I mean, the first parts of every line represents the dreamer’s qualities, the dreamer’s idea of the world and the second parts when he is confronted with the world.



Anonymous said...

I can relate with what you have tried to express in your poem.

We all feel internal conflicts - esp at times when things become difficult, like ground breaking, relativity altering experiences like betrayal – in any form; or the loss of faith, or the changing of the world as we know it, or being drawn out raw of our comfort zones right out in the unknown with nothing to support us, not even our faith, when everything you ever believed in comes down to being nothing, a non entity, when you feel disowned by just about anything and everything that you ever held precious. That is when you are introduced to and come face to face with the aliens within - new vulnerabilities, new strengths, new realities, and feel feelings you never knew existed.

Some of these have a prior frame of reference; & some are absolutely alien to us.

But life is about changing definitions


Anonymous said...

Hi Gaurav,

Nicely put through but I am a bit confused of the below lines

Maybe I fight as I like to agree,

Maybe I love because I like to fight,

I think, you have put these two lines just to fit in the oxymoron…I want you to prove me wrong J . I mean I want to say kudos GP J


Anonymous said...

Nicely put.

- mshah

Anonymous said...

Maybe you've got a big fat ego cuz you don't
Maybe I criticize cuz I appreciate :)


revathi said...

"Maybe I dream to survive the night"....tooo well expressed...beautiful flow!!

Anonymous said...

Nice poem Gaurav, are you at Infyblogs too?


Gaurav Parab said...

Yes, K.

But i dont blog on the Infy nw often

Sabah said...

dude! u r just awesome! really! love readin ur blogs!!! pls keep me posted!