Monday, September 03, 2007

When they kill our roots

By Gaurav Parab

When I look into your eyes,
I know what that reflection implies,
I see a question in every moment,
Was my demise by design or an accident?

You scream,
Where is my boy, where did he go?
Who are you? I don’t see him anymore.

You look for the boy- who made your heart fly,
He went away without even saying goodbye.
Did he die, or is that wide smile still alive?
Is he gone forever, or will he again revive.

You scream,
Where is my boy, where did he go?
Who are you, I don’t hear him anymore.

You look around with an ocean of despair,
You drown in the times I made you aware,
Of the joy in every moment big or small,
In every letter, and in every long distance call.

You scream,
Where is my boy, where did he go?
When you touch me, I can’t feel him anymore.

I shake my head and rub your shivering hand,
Its the moment to explain, help you understand.
The boy is not dead, he never did go,
The warm boy became a cold man, he just had to grow.

I told you not to take him for granted,
That evening when we became acquainted.
Didn’t I tell you to be always prepared?
The day will come when you cannot be scared.

I saw this day years ago,
When the boy would simply have to go,
I saw what they were all up to,
They never wanted me to be with you.

The world pretended to have had enough,
But I was smart enough to call their bluff.
While they plotted to kill the boy and the girl,
I planned to shed my skin and then unfurl.

They thought that they only had to kill the boy,
I trained to be a man, made the boy a decoy.
Now they cannot take on this man and you.
He may not have that smile now, but he is as true.

I know that the world would then go after you,
Like when it can’t stop the rain, it tries to dry the dew.
But no need to worry for I planned for this as well,
As the boy turned to man, I made the girl turn to an angel.

An angel who could absorb every lightening strike,
Do you now see why I told you what to be like?
I told you to never be afraid and always be strong.
Even when the world does everything wrong.

I saw you grow up to be ready,
The careless girl never knew when she became steady.
You hated me when I subtly made you change,
You thought that I had started acting strange.

You screamed,
What did you do to my boy, at least let my spirit free.
You chained him, now why are you chaining me?

Love, look into my eyes and now you see,
Why I made us change, how we became we.
We had to keep a step ahead of all of them,
When they kill our roots, we just grow from the stem.

Do you now see what my angry words mean?
They wanted to blind our eyes, how could we dream?
Do you see the reason when I asked to be alone,
When we are apart, we cannot be overthrown?

Don’t worry when they try to kill this man,
We will always come up with a plan.
I will change and you will too,
When it does not rain, we will survive with the dew.

Take each moment as it comes,
Ignore the journey, live the outcome.
Forgive me when I stray to sin,
If I cheat, it will only help us win.

We should take every blow as a lesson,
We might fall apart, but never be broken.
When the dust settles after the mayhem,
When they kill our roots, we will grow from the stem.


Jui Chitre said...

magical.. how someone can put every emotion in words..

Anonymous said...

My vocab is only good enough to use the word 'Outstanding' for the amazing piece u have written..

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day struggle puts everything in perspective :) you take 1 step backwards but then 2 steps forward, that's the beauty of learning in life and learning with life

Now this one is 'Bigger, Better and Longer'! Worth every ounce of brain spent on reading it.

Somehow anything you write never gets old!

Fan forever :P

Anonymous said...

Its amazing...