Thursday, March 08, 2007

Living Till I am Dead

By Gaurav Parab

Headline about some crash in the paper,
While you flew high to someplace safer.
Moments later the phone impatiently rings,
The voice speaks about your burning wings.
No sky is clear enough, no cloud really blue,
Just as you live, life could happen to you.

When the living is good,
Live life like you should.
Someday you may catch that plane,
And die while you only complained.
Don’t cry, just do not whine.
Love the light while the sun shines.

A lonely body lying on the highway,
Wish I was alive you softly say.
As the blood gushes from the cut.
You could say yes, but you say but.
The truck swings wildly around the curb,
You could move, but you are busy disturbed.
No road is safe, as luck comes into view,
Just as you live, life could happen to you.

Till you heart beats out alive,
Raise your dreams, do not dive.
Some day you may run out of luck,
Get hit on the way by a crazy truck.
Whisper when you get out of bed,
I am living till the day I am dead.

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Anonymous said...

must compliment u put down ur thoughts in a gr8 way.

Though the ideas put forward are truly gr8

The language is nice and simple to understand.