Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Perfect Murder

By Gaurav Parab

You don’t need guns or bombs to kill a man,
Consider the case of my friend and Suzanne,
Three steps is all it took for pretty little her,
To pull off what’s called the perfect murder.

The first step was the hesitant glance,
Not a knife or an old rusted lance.
The look tore through my friend’s heart,
Just a charming look, no poisoned darts.

The second step was the silent yes,
In her mother’s old black college dress,
All she said was you are the one,
Just a yes, not even a shot from a gun.

The last step was the tearless goodbye,
But he was still not ready to die,
He bravely refused to be her kill,
Grasped for breath, his sweet poison pill.

So she did what she had to do,
She had to see the job through,
She released her weapon for the final blow,
The look in his dead eyes, I wish I could show.
A look of shock and a helpless plea,
The perfect weapon was she with me.


Anonymous said...

Good one, dude... :-) Was it ur friend or u urself ?


Anonymous said...

Very nice!!

- Basu

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaurav,
You write very well, I hope you come out with some collection sort of thing someday.



Anonymous said...

Very well written. Entertaining. Good read Different!

- Nikhil

Anonymous said...

You could have called that 'The Perfect Verses' and not been too far from the truth.


mayank said...

gud 1 man :) i guess its been a long time since ur last light hearted verse! n its beautiful...bahut badhiya :)

Anonymous said...

Nice. Kinda reminds me of a Kenny Rogers song. :-)

- AD