Sunday, March 04, 2007

No Love Letter

By Gaurav Parab

The telephone rang late last night,
Was just about to turn off the lights.
The sweet little voice softly said,
Are you writing, or are you in bed?

I cleared my throat before I replied,
Was thinking about the wrongs and the rights.
Was writing about the endless universe,
Love, hate, shock and a little lust.
About dying young, and graceful living,
Hey! What’s wrong, what were you saying?

She said,

Don’t you think it is about time?
To write in words that need not rhyme.
I do like all of your soulful lines,
But it is a simple letter I had in mind.

I like your words, but I just can’t see,
Over our years, one, two, and three.
Of all the songs written to unknown tunes,
In the last three years, since that rainy June.
Of all the stories you wrote out aloud,
Taking the applause, while playing to the crowd.
You have never written Dear Old V,
A simple love letter, only for me.

I clear my throat, I try to explain,
Can’t write about love, can write about pain.
Can write about all the crappy things at work,
Trust in God, can’t write about the church.

But when it comes to sweet old you,
Words are plenty, the alphabets few.
Try writing how you make every second feel,
But then your smile makes time stand still.

When I try to write about your voice,
Of the heart of an angel, woman in disguise.
How you make the bad good, good the better,
I run out of life, when I try writing that letter.

No love letter for you my dear old lady,
Hands can’t move, am just not ready.
Till the moment I write the words “Dear K”
You will have to do with all I say.


Anonymous said...

amazing bro......
very touching......
You are such a wonderful writer, I didn't know that....
keep it up.....

- naveen j

Anonymous said...


- Manas

Anonymous said...


Wht are the specs of the cpu of your brain???? How do u manage to get such refined output in so short a frequency. J

BTW… I remember you had once written a story of a boatman and his boat.. that was a lovely one.. didn’t find it on ur blog..i wanted to show it to my parents..have u deleted it or am I missing something??



Anonymous said...

U rock man…

- Chintan

Anonymous said...

Simply superb, Gaurav

- Sameer K

Anonymous said...

Good one Gaurav !!

Ishq sabhi ko Jeena seekha deta hai...

Wafa ke naam pe marna seekha deta hai...

shochte ho tum shayar nahi, ishq karo,

ye tumko shayari karna bhi seekha deta hai...

Sahi poem likhi hai tune...

Keep it up...


Anonymous said...

very sweet… Good one …

- Anuradha

Anonymous said...

good going dude .
me a fan of urs ... how abt a autograph ...