Monday, May 29, 2006

Humor - Airport Strike Continues

By Gaurav Parab

The nationwide strike by Airports Authority of India employees entered its second day today, causing all international and national flights to run on time.

“Yes, Air India Flight 191 to Newark took off on time for the first time in the last ten years,” an Air Traffic Controller revealed on conditions of anonymity.

Cargo delivery operations also were reported to have run smoothly with basic amenities like baggage clearance and public conveniences at the airports being performed well in time for the first time in living memory.

In Delhi, scores of striking airport employees tired to block the main approach road to the domestic terminal, but miscalculated and blocked the road leading to an abandoned quarry. They however vowed to continue their road blockade indefinitely until the government withdrew its airport privatisation plans.

"The road blockade will continue indefinitely," Dev Ghosh, Director of the Employees Union, said, as the police blockaded the quarry to prevent the employees from entering the airport road.

The Government welcomed the news of the strike.

Authorities at Mumbai International Airport have tried to get as many flights off the ground before the strike ends.

“We need to get as many as them off the ground!! Pre-pone flights from next month. Get em’ off, before they come back” an excited Director of Mumbai Airport was overheard saying to the non-striking employees.

“Yes. With all the Baggage Handles, Vice Baggage Handlers, Deputy Baggage Handlers, Assistant Baggage Handlers gone on strike, baggage handling is moving quickly,” teachers of the Govt School, Sion, Mumbai who are now handling the baggage said.

At Mumbai, police cordoned off a surprisingly clean and neat entry point at the terminal building to facilitate passenger movement.

Two companies of Rapid Action Force will be deployed at the airport to prevent any untoward incidents like the striking employees coming back to work.

Police had resorted to lathi-charge on Wednesday after protesters started threatening an end to the strike.

The Government meanwhile welcomed the strike and air dropped food packets using Indian Air Force choppers to show solidarity with the striking employees. “We are with you in your endeavor to exercise your freedom to strike. In fact, we encourage all of you to remain on strike for the rest of the year.”

Delighted passengers across the country praised the efficient working of conveyor belts, aero-bridges, clean toilets, and working air conditioning systems.

A few passengers however were cautious and threatened a nationwide passenger strike if the airport personnel strike ended.

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