Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Humor - Those Three Words

By Gaurav Parab

Anyone who has been in a relationship loves to hear THE THREE WORDS anytime of the day or night. It doesn’t matter if you hear them on the phone, in person, in the bedroom or in your dream - the words spoken by your partner have the ability to slow down time, make worries blur away, give strength when there is nothing left, to bring boundless joys.

“Lets takea break”. May actually be 4 words, but they sure sound like 3 when said real fast or when said at the precise moment a truck goes by on a busy street.

Off course the word count is not the point. The point is the power these words carry. The point is also a geometric element that has position but no extension. A series of points form a line.

Anyways, going back to the crux of the matter, only a few men love to hear “Let’s take a break” when their partner says it. They simply love it when their boss says it.

A school of thought believes that a break from each other can be good in a relationship. It can allow men to analyze where they stand, cheat, look at the strengths and weaknesses, cheat, hang out with old friends, cheat, go for long solitary walks, cheat, and watch TV uninterrupted.

When is the ideal time to say these words when you are a man? Never. You don’t say them if you are a man. If you do, make sure that you are alone and there are no listening devices around or a Tsunami is coming from 5 meters away.

When is the ideal time to say these words when you are a woman? When you are someone else’s girlfriend.

When do partners go on a break? It usually happens when the girl realizes the obvious. It might take time to get there, but an average man’s general lack of intelligence, presentability, employability, husbandary skills and other things dudes like me take for granted tends to grow on girls.

I have never been on a break. Neverus Onus Breakus is my personal motto in Latin, which when translated to English literally means Never Been On a Break. I believe in hanging on by all means possible to my partner, for I know the first break we take will be the last. She may not be Einstein, but she is not dumb either. Once she realizes the fun she is missing out on, the things guys buy for girls and the fact that girls don’t cook food, clean the house and earn money for their partners - I think the Arabic words “Al Break Al Take Al From Al Each Other” may well escape her lips.

All I am saying is stay true to your partner and live up to his/her’s trust and faith in you no matter what. If you really want to have a fling, don’t do something stupid like asking for a break. Coloring your hair and wearing false moustaches is cheaper and more responsible.


Anonymous said...

Good one Gaurav....esp. relevant to these days when more often than not folks want to/are tempted more often to take a break.

Anonymous said...

nice one....just readin your blogs and liked this one a lot... :D