Friday, December 18, 2015

Pune - The Everywhere City for the Everywhere People - Article in The Hindu Business Line

With life being what it is - work, home and good boy Joko always wanting to go for ghoomi ghoomi - it is a challenge to blog let alone act on requests from newspapers and websites.(Ok. Fine. These are far and few in between since I have no idea on how to make India awesome)

I prefer using whatever little time I can manage to work on the second book, which is shaping into a beast that will leave its mark.

But when The Hindu asks you to write about your home town, and when you look at the list of distinguished writers who have contributed to this monthly column, you stay up one night and write. Here is my column on Pune, and how places make us who we are.

Do read more about Pune and Life in the Liminal City Here.

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