Saturday, November 06, 2010

Obituary of the Dead Generals

Image Copyright Adolph Von Menzel

Are those flowers in your hair dear?
At a funeral, life and death find a point to interfere
Your husband may have died for this land
Look at these proud uniforms and their marching band

Your tear filled eyes between now and then
Ask are those who survived better men?
Was your Adarsh less of a soldier to have died?
Is his sacrifice not reason enough to have cried

But love, your wounds are opened up again
By some you considered more brother less friend
The ones who inspired Adarsh to die for his legion
Killed him again over a house in the general Colaba region

 The politicians die every moment, he had once said
And those Babu types are better off dead
But soldiers irrespective of the flag they salute
From General to a fresh faced recruit
The fighting truth from Beret to shining boots
Is immortal and above trivial pursuits

Love, you should not feel Adarsh was stupid, now
A million bulls cannot be milked by a dozen cash cows
Four stars on proud shoulders lose their shine
When Generals stand with those who generally toe the line

The funny thing love is they will never get away
They got caught the moment they meant to betray
A prison term, a rap on the knuckles is not even required
Your Adarsh is forever alive; it is his Generals who have died

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