Friday, November 12, 2010

Between Exit and Debut

Image Copyright Matheus Siqueira

A moment before:

Light overtakes sound
A body hits the ground
Before the lips first meet
Or a puzzle is complete

Just before an idea gets born
Or skin meets thorn
The bell poised to ring
Before snapping strings

Dark tunnels killed by a flame
Remembering an old friend’s name
Before thoughts meet words
Flight tempts sitting birds

Before making up your mind
Or crude gets refined
Thick arising from fine
Inch before the line

Before a tongue gets high
The eyes before a lie
Two swords meet
Cold embraces heat

The joy of anticipation in a moment
Before everything

A moment after:

A body hits the ground
Tangent leave a round
That hand in a jar
The last drunk leaving a bar

A string is tuned
Or a party is ruined
An idea gets killed
Half glasses get filled

A thorn touches a nerve
You get what you deserve
A candle goes out
Conviction ends doubt

An old friend calls you
An actor gets his cue
After making up your mind
Or a divorce is signed

Piston meets waiting petrol
You get to know your role
After the finish line
You see your design

After a tongue gets high
You get away with a lie
A sword meets a heart
You read a chart

Heat overcomes cold
A complex trick is told

The joy of release in a moment
after everything

Love, the thing with me
Is in moment number three
Between exit and debut
I try to live between the two
I live in the moment.

After the past, before the unknown
Welcome to your moment

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Wow! Nice..