Sunday, February 22, 2009


By Gaurav Parab

A farm hand in a time far away

Learning from birds of slaughter

about birds of prey

The wild grass taught me to dance

The flowers about the colors of romance


I moved to moving spices in a boat called Escapee

Their scents mixing with the freshness of the sea

The waves taught me how to crash with grace

The night sky teaching me the true meaning of space


When War came I was sailing in the sky

Over life before I sent it to die

The falling bombs taught me about fate

Senseless violence about the power of debate


A grateful people asked me to lead,

A voice of sanity in the growing stampede

Power taught me the strength of the weak

The mob about thinking before I speak


I walked away from palaces and crowns,

When truth lost to grammar and nouns

To write about the places I have been

 The stories of the scars across my skin

The lessons I learnt when none were being taught

In times of love, and when men fought


Lessons in the ground and up in the air

The injustices between everything fair

As I close in to the end of my trip

Through soil, air, souls and that ship

Let me wish you the very best

Go find the lesson in every test


Anonymous said...

Dear Gaurav,
Really beautiful and very touching

- Lt Col Gokhale

Anonymous said...

Its a GOOD poem..Different from the rest...:)