Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bolt From The Blue

Gaurav Parab

My heart races as I see the flash of shining black hair,

I am almost lifted ten feet up in the air

No, this is another time and another place

No I couldn’t be in the past looking at that face.

No it couldn’t be,

No it couldn’t be, she?

I walk around slowly to the front of this stranger,

Drowning out warning bells of expectancy and danger.

I look at her eyes with pain and intent

They are beautiful, but they seem empty with no content.

I hope there are moments in another place,

Whenever she glances on a lonely boy’s face.

To run into something she felt her mind was through,

I hope for once I am her bolt from the blue.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully put. You have managed to express what every one has felt some time or the other in our adult life, either at the Airport while standing in the line for your check in or at the railway platform or in the neighbourhood cafe.

But whether one is just the "bolt from the blue" from a distant past or is one a long chain of memory following her from her distant path till date.

The emptiness is her eyes may just be her way of reconciling herself to the dreams she sees during her waking hours.


Anonymous said...

i can only smile :-) reminds of a vikram seth poem i read long ago. will post it if lay hands on it again.

- Amit Bhatia

Shreya said...

Bolt from the Blue - I love that concept. I think I have met my bolt from the blue :)