Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Salesmen

By Gaurav Parab

Gentlemen, a beautiful body going cheap,

A fix to help you slow down, a fix to leap.

Mam, perhaps a ticket to the big show?

A room to scream out, a place to lie low.

The best things in life were never free,

The complimentary toast with an expensive coffee.

If you have a thing to buy, we have a million to sell,

Ways to kill, ways to get well.


A flashy brochure to an easy to find paradise,

A mask to look stupid, a drug to appear wise.

A book on sale with the missing solution,

Pay to live; pay for a fancy execution.

Shining diamonds selling by the carat,

Care for a barking watchdog, or a talking parrot?


Love, it never cost a thing,

Only if you are a dead man or a living king.

Time and convenience is the elusive award.

Don’t go wasting it by praying to your God.

For one moment let down you guard,

Here, take a look at my business card.

The answer to who, what, why and when.

Are available with me and the world’s salesmen.






Anonymous said...

Sentiments of a salesman. Nice

- Amit Bhatia

man in the iron mask said...

The erstwhile honest man seems to be betraying the slimy salesman.

I wonder, if the archetype of a salesman, if considered an individual, would ever consider himself part of a fraternity. You know, the guy gets paid to stand out, and not stand with.

The guard ought to grow thicker. :)

Manjusha said...

Though it is written from the perspective of the salesman, it made me think more about the buyers and their lives. 'The best things in life were never free, The complimentary toast with an expensive coffee.' :) How true!

Anonymous said...

Liked it a lot…..