Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best of Luck

By Gaurav Parab

As his eyes scan through the photographs of the years,

Time and distance would always be on their side it appears.

Now her shaking voice claims that his image has changed.

She says he became a stranger, he says then how can they be estranged?


The biggest liar, the biggest cheat, the coldest stone.

Accused of surrounded by strangers, accused of being alone.

Today is hard and so she decides to move on to a new day,

Remember the past, he tells – as you say the truths you have to say.


Accused of ruining her life by living his,

Searching for new answers by changing the quiz.

He is as guilty as she claims him to be,

She was an angel just too blind to see.


So much distance travelled together,

Through sunny days and stormy weather.

Now, as the wind changes over new distances,

Her words reduce their immortality to mere existence.


But he loves her as the first day they met,

He just doesn’t show it every single minute


Is opening new doors the way for souls unhinged?

Those who are burned, willing to be again singed.

He will never fall in love again,

Love is a joke that is not meant to entertain.


No one notices that he dies inside every moment alone,

The fake smile accused of being powered by a heart stone cold.

But he dies.

With this truths and lies.

He has not wished for anything through peace and strife,

All he wishes for is she gets the best in her life.



Anonymous said...

Missed your poems from the past few weeks.Anyway..just keep writing :)


Anonymous said...

Nice one again (as always :))... My heart goes out to the guy to be left alone by the gal...


Tarun Singh said...

Very nice Gaurav :)

Anonymous said...

No decorations with metaphors or double-entendres. No hidden agendas or marked emotions. Simply, brutally honest and gut-wrenching.

Gaurav Parab only competes with himself :)


Anonymous said...

A heart breakingly beautiful masterpiece..