Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Missing Keys

Image by אולג קובץ (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

By Gaurav Parab

She can explain why she cannot explain
Her body is present her mind marked abstained
Her shivering hands holding keys to a door
Stands in front of the wrong house to explore.

A drunk white ship cutting through a dark ocean
Powered by unnatural winds of devotion
Her steady hands now reach for the door
She will be the last to leave when they run ashore.

He cruelly took things meant for her
The world gives what she likes to hear
Wrong hands run down her body inside this door
She misses those keys that unlocked her core


Anonymous said...

looks like unforgiven-2 of mettalica was the inspiration...
good work.. cheers


man in the iron mask said...

Damn these business schools and their grueling schedules. Another one of us has passed on to the dark side. :)

Anonymous said...

Life is but a game and she plays it
Cards right, moves wrong
but she was taught never to quit
Perhaps she left the keys to imagination
To give the doors a chance for guilty aberration