Sunday, August 31, 2008


By Gaurav Parab

They say that they are going to make our cities wire-free,

To help us sit with fancy computers under an amused tree.

Could they perform the same trick for our lives?

Cut the million wires powering our directionless drives.


No wires pulling puppets towards curtains good or bad,

No wires directing roles to either remove or to add

Wires pulling you from being simply you

Wires towing away from what you should do.


Maybe a knife to slice through this complicated mess?

Pawns and knights - all resigning from a game of chess.

Unplugging all the connections one by one,

Divorcing nagging bullets away from busy guns.


The whole world is busy making a network

Of those who accept and those who shirk.

My problems become yours, and yours are mine.

Between you and me, what is wrong with a dividing line?


Even if you join or eject,

Oddly, I was born to disconnect.

To float before my identity sinks,

I am breaking the links.


Unwire me,

Unwire you

Unwire one to unwire two


man in the iron mask said...

Copy of a copy of a copy?
Nah, I would pass. I want to float or drop down, and keep going on. Right till I start to feel again.
Maybe, you would want to too.

Forgive the devil me, but I felt a certain Tyler Durden speaking. And it was beautiful, kinda like an echo. Call it nihilism. Call it anarchy. Call it self destruction. Call it chaos. Call it Fight Club.

And it was super.
Right now, you feel like Jack’s pondering heart.

- Satish Naidu

Gaurav Parab said...

Thanks Satish.

Good or bad, blame it on a high octane dose of remarkable movies that you had recommended.

Into the Wild, 3:10 to Yuma, No Country for Old Men, and Gone Baby Gone have taught me more in one week than business school ever will :)

Anonymous said...

*tacky statement alert*'re incomPARABle :D


Gaurav Parab said...

@ A

Whatever they are teaching you at school seems to be working.


Wow. And I am still stuck at not read in antartica, read everywhere else.

God knows this old blog can do with a new tag line. Nothing like an ego trip to tide over statistics and financial accounting, huh?

Supertramp is out, incomPARABle is in.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of isolation lines of "Lemon tree"...good work.. cheers!!

Kalyan S

Anonymous said...

Wow !

- Amit Bhatia

Tarun Singh said...

Ur poem's last lines always carry the 'punch' ... :)

This one is great.