Sunday, April 20, 2008

Remember Me

By Gaurav Parab

For the rights I did, not the wrongs in my book.
For the roads I avoided, not the shortcuts I took.
Not for the scars marked across my skin,
Remember me for the man I could have been.

For the virtue unshown, not the sins I did
For what I had to show, not what I hid.
For the songs I wrote, not the words I said.
For the life that could have been when I turn dead.

For the shoulder I gave, not the backs I turned,
For the blows I took, not the ones I returned.
For my conscience, not for my mind unclean
Remember me for the man I could have been

The things I bought, not the ones I quickly sold
For what I did, not the stories that are told.
The thoughts inside, not the brilliant spin.
Remember me for the man I could have been.


Anonymous said...

Very beautifully worded. Truly a masterpiece!


Anonymous said...

Words are musing with flair.

I see Bob Dylan’s inspiration


Anonymous said...

This poem of yours is nothing, but a masterpiece. I truly appreciate your writings. Why dont you initiate your writings in the Speaking Tree column of the TIMES of INDIA. Why only infy guys have the pleasure of reading your posts?? Everyone should...........


Tarun Singh said...

Very Nice Gaurav

Anonymous said...

I try not to reply to your posts since praising the praiseworthy is so predictable.. JJ

But this one is, per me, your best one till date…. Inspired piece of work..!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah is that the poem that made a few men cry? Parab, the 'bad' guy with the soft side...

Infy BB will just crumble without you man...get ready to see a flooded inbox on your last day in Infy :)


Anonymous said...

I saw my beloved with the eye of the heart.
I said: Who art Thou?
He answered:

Beautiful thought


Anonymous said...

Beautiful thought


Anonymous said...

Magnum opus


Anonymous said...

May be I will appreciate it more if I know what inspired this or if I hear some one recite it or sing it. … Poetry should be a spoken artform according to me. May be we’ll hear GUP recite his stuff some time… what say ? J


unicorn said...

I wish I could write a poem on how I felt reading this poem, alas my poetry skills are not that great.

All that my vocab can allow me to say is that this is too good.