Sunday, January 27, 2008

Voices in my head

By Gaurav Parab

What makes a person good or bad?
Is it love, or is it the love he never had.

What makes this earth spin round and round?
Is it dazed by it all, or is it flushing those who drowned.

What makes you work a hundred hours a day?
To earn to live, or to spend the life in you away.

Why can my eyes see what you don’t?
Or are they your eyes that see what mine won’t?

Will I die today and then be born again?
What if the next life dies once more in vain?

Every time I storm out to walk on a new track,
Does all of me really come back?

What makes a little baby girl cry out aloud?
Is it her looking forward to life, or her doubt?

Am I a video game in a bar; with a kid punching the buttons away?
Is he winning, or did the game claim another coin on a holiday.

What if somebody steals her away from me?
Will she be stolen, or will she be finally free?

Am I just another invisible speck of sand?
Slipping through a beautiful angel’s hand.

Or am I an universe with everyone revolving around me.
Am I the delivered fruit, or the delivering tree.

Will I finally have some answers when I am sixty seven?
Or did I start losing them after I turned eleven.

Am I as cold as everyone whispers about me.
Or is my cold the warmth that everyone is blind to see.

Can a man and woman love more than one in their lifetime,
A Molotov cocktail of truths and lust, garnished with slices of lime.

What will they write about me when I am dead?
RIP, he will be missed by all the voices in his head.

Do you too sleep with my dreams in your bed?
Can you hear the million voices in my head?

Voices that flood my lonely mind every night in bed.
I sink and float alone in a bright ambrosia of dark poison lead.


Divya said...

it was a pleasure to read...

nishant said...

fantastic!! go on parab...

Anonymous said...

Pretty arbit voices there eh? A lil saturday night floating of brain i see...

bhumika said...

loved it!!

Sabah said...

Dear Gaurav, I think that was one of the best poems I have read. I loved all ur blogs esp the first one. You are just awesome:D:D keep writing!!! Pls keep me updated of all ur blogs.. thanks!

Anonymous said...

awesome!! keep writing