Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Perfect Brew

By Gaurav Parab

Thinking of her as I walk into the watering hole
A live band plays a little bit of pretentious soul
The usual big men with their trophy wives
The usual beautiful women clueless about their lives.

She walks out of my memory and sits besides me
I move my arm through her then I count till three
She disappears and then she is back by my side
She always loved to be found so she could again hide.

I nod towards the bunch of fools around us
Her ghost slaps my wrist When did you learn to cuss?
Look at em’, I tell her. Look at em’ stupid girls
Pretending to be women with their shining pearls
You were different, you were you.

Come on, her dark black eyes suddenly go wide
Why don’t you blame those stupid men by their side

They are all clueless little boys in expensive suits
With calculated strides and shining boots
You were different, you were you.

We both laugh out aloud, the bartender only hears me
Sometimes I miss those days when you and I were we
She smiles and she squeezes my shaking hand
I got to go now, I hope you understand.

I shake my head, let me tell you before you go
Why I loved you maybe you should know
You were a girl who never wanted to be a woman
You were a woman who was a girl
The perfect brew.
You were just you.

She returns to the colors of the dust with a wink
As I return to my drink.


bhumika said...

You were a girl who never wanted to be a woman.
You were a woman who was a girl.

lovely poem. read a part of the extract from your book and i must say, you've already become a celebrity of sorts :) hope to see the book in print soon...

Anonymous said...

Plays out hauntingly...Ghost of Christmas past!

TG said...

absolutely loved this one.

Anonymous said...

Its too good Gaurav ... i'll be in line when ur book publishes :)


Shan said...

great work gaurav...!!