Sunday, November 18, 2007

Evil Claim

By Gaurav Parab

You look at me,
I look away,
I look at you,
Your eyes don’t stay.

As we slowly sip that tasteless tea,
In that big place everyone goes to,
Our tables separated by an unknown decree,
Our eyes held together by an unknown glue.

Is that a mole I see above your lip?
Or a crumb that cant let go of angel skin.
That silly hide and seek we never skip.
You know we both lose when we win.

The devil in your name,
A smile like a string of pearls.
A woman with an evil claim,
A woman amongst little girls.

You are not for the taking I can see,
But a part of me will keep on honoring
Your evil claim on me.


Jui Chitre said...

'You know we both lose when we win.' :) well said..
'A woman amongst little girls' the thought here

Anonymous said...

Seems like Love is the order of the day

Both the poems are good… Evil Claim and the last high…

Evil claim is very cute by the Gals standards ;-)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant as always!

- Manas

Anonymous said...

Appki kavita guguda gayi.. couldn’t find any right words in English J

Don’t know if it’ll make sense to guys, but touches a “woman” for sure


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The poem on the whole isn’t very romantic, as you ‘probably’ intended it to be. I liked the way it ends though.


revathi said...

"But a part of me will keep on honoring
Your evil claim on me." Sounds Devilish....but how cute...

Anonymous said...

First 4 lines explain ll! ;)


Anonymous said...

OK so I just realized that I hadn't commented on this particular one and then again in the realizations mode I realized that I hadn't commented cuz the girl you wrote this on doesn't deserve an ounce of it. Hell, with that kinda talent no girl deserves you!


Anu said...

Love this one Gaurav