Monday, October 15, 2007

That Insane Moment

By Gaurav Parab

One day you would kill someone she said,
Good men should watch that nerve in their head.
For nine moments out of ten a nice chap,
That insane moment why do you snap?

I don’t know love, I cannot explain,
That part of me only you can chain,
As that anger inside begins to rise,
Only thing sane are your pretty brown eyes.

You have everything going for you in this life,
Great moments await, no signs of strife.
The miracles that you plan and have showed,
Will unravel as soon as you explode.

Should have listened to what that woman said,
I should have watched that nerve in my head,
I missed her eyes when that man fell to turn pale,
I miss them now in my last day in jail.

I wish those brown eyes could see them clap,
Ten out of ten I turned into a nice chap,
I never told anyone here my real name,
Out of her love and out of my shame.

They don’t know my name or my god,
Just an hour to go to send for the squad.
Do you want a padre or a Hindu priest?
3272, do you want salt with your last feast?

What about my last wish I desperately ask,
All right, if it is not too much of a task.
Can you tell the woman who waits outside,
In that insane moment I missed those brown eyes.


Anonymous said...

Again bowled over by your writing. Too good .

I’ll try to go thru your blog page.

Hope to find even better creations there . J


Anonymous said...

Beautiful… Very nice, loved the last para…


Anonymous said...

Very nice !

Thanks -


Anonymous said...

If only brilliance had another name...


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