Sunday, March 18, 2007

Little Lessons

By Gaurav Parab

When I was a small child of thirteen,
Was curious about guns and machines,
Loaded guns can accidentally go off,
When little children sneeze and cough.
Be wise to choose the games you play,
Scars and cuts don’t always go away.

No thing in the world as a casual fling,
I learned as I turned to young seventeen,
When I thought I had seen the last of her,
She calmly tracked me down within a year.
Wild things come and they will never go,
Something wild boys should always know.

Never ask your friend to explain why,
When he is quiet but you hear him cry,
Ask him where? - and the shortest way,
What if it’s dark and not yet a new day.
Best friends only call during the night,
When they are in trouble- caught up in a fight.

Don’t go breaking your little brother’s heart,
By hitting him hard in the fights he starts,
If it’s a pretty girl that he secretly adores,
Never dance with her to make her yours.
Little brothers grow up to be big and wise,
But you will always see the hurt in their eyes.

Some little lessons you pick on the way,
Never written, or in what the experts say,
Things you learn as you live life through,
Things that make who you are you.


Anonymous said...

Awesome… no words…

How do u manage to write so well…

U know wat, I think u shud pen a book of poems and get it published… I sure wud be among the first buyers… and that too an autographed copy…

- Anuradha

Tambourine Girl said...

are you for real? :)